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Calving Management Program

In dairy herds, calving is a natural process that is divided into three stages (I, II and III), and under normal conditions, it progresses gradually from one stage to the next. Stage I is characterized by dilation of the soft tissues of the birth canal, including the pelvis ligaments, cervix, and vulvar ring. Stage II (or expulsion of the calf) is characterized by the appearance of the amniotic sac (AS) or “water bag” outside the vulva, abdominal contractions, and the progress of the fetus through the birth canal. Stage II finishes with the birth of a single or multiple calves. Finally, stage III is the time from birth of the calf to the expulsion of the fetal membranes. Under normal conditions the release of fetal membranes occurs within 24 hours after parturition.

A calving management program should cover the following areas: (1) nutrition and reproductive management of replacement heifers (birth-weaning-breeding-calving) and dry cows; (2) appropriate calving and colostrum protocols and SOPs; (3) efficient training and re-training of personnel; and (4) calving-related records.

Calving APP: What is it?

The eCalving™ APP was developed to capture calving-related events associated with stillbirth and calf development. Novel components of the APP include: 1) Login screen for individual herds, 2) Capture of selected calving-related events for both dam and calf (e.g., parity, breed, BCS, hygiene of perineum, calving ease, sex of calf, presentation, personnel), 3) Rolling list of active cows with an alarm to monitor calving progress and time in labor, 4) Rolling list of active calves (single or multiple) within 24 h after birth, and 5) Colostrum management practices (quality, quantity, time of administration, and personnel) as well as calf vigor and birth weights.

Download the Calving APP

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